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The Ardua pump range was originally manufactured by the Speedwell Gear Case Company and BTR further developed them in the 1970’s and sold under the Fluoroline brand name.  The pump is a heavy duty centrifugal pump designed for corrosive duties and the handling of up to 25 percent solids, principally sold into the pharmaceuticals intermediates and fine chemical industries.

The manufacture of new pumps ceased some time ago,  but because of their rugged robust design a number of pumps are still in use.  The pump and spares business transferred to Fluorocarbon Limited when the BTR lined piping business was sold to them.  Subsequently CRP acquired the pump business when it purchased the linings division of Fluorocarbon in 2009.

Spares Availability

CRP can provide many of the frequently used spare parts to support the pumps that remain in service.  We are happy to quote for the supply of specific components please call our sales department on +44 (0) 1706 756400 with the details of the pump in question in particular the pump model type F1.5, F2, F3 or F4, the pump serial number (typically a 4 digit sequential number) and the arrangement - "close coupled", "simple pedestal" or "back-pull out".  We will then advise you whether we can manufacture or obtain the component.  

Alternatively, we can undertake a comprehensive review of spares availability against specific pumps that you may have in service.  Again please call or sales team.

The balloon diagram and tables below shows the popular spares that are available for most pumps:

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General Description

Front Housing

PFA lined casting, houses the pump impeller and provides suction and delivery nozzles for connection to the process pipe work.

Main Gasket

Forms a mechanical seal between front housing and back plate.

Back Plate

Locates on the back of the front housing.  The back plate supports the shaft seal assembly.  Typically PFA lined carbon steel, other lined materials are also available.

Rear Housing

Unlined casting or fabrication.  Connects the front end (head) of the pump to the pedestal (for back pull out arrangements) or to the motor (for close coupled arrangements).


Open impellers having two (F1.5 & F2 pumps) or three blades (F3 pump).  Either supplied as a one piece construction (impeller shaft with integral impeller head) or two pieces  (PFA lined impeller head driven by an unlined impeller shaft).


Cast iron pedestal houses the pedestal shaft bearings.  For back pull out systems the pedestal has an oil bath for splash lubricated bearings.

Pedestal Shaft

Transmits drive from motor drive coupling to the impeller shaft via taper locking pin.  Typically made from unlined carbon steel.

Shaft Seal Assembly

Prevents leakage from the pump head along the drive/impeller shaft.  Typically wedge or bellows seal with PTFE wetted parts.  Seal type used is dependent on fluid type.

Impeller Shaft

Supplied as a spare when impeller is a two piece assembled construction.  Can be supplied in unlined corrosion resistant metals such as stainless steel, hastelloy and titanium.

End Cap, front

Houses front end shaft seal and locates bearings on pedestal (back pull out arrangement).

End Cap, rear

Houses rear end shaft seal and bearings on pedestal (back pull out arrangement).

Taper Pin

Used to transmit drive from pedestal shaft to impeller shaft.

Drive Guard

Shield to prevent access to rotating equipment.  Typically supplied in galvanised mild steel or stainless steel.

Orifice Plate

Flow restricting plate positioned on the pump discharge to restrict flow and pressure to design condition.

Impeller Locknut

Used in two piece construction impellers to fasten impeller head to the shaft.  Typically made from a corrosion resistant metal such as stainless steel, hastelloy or titanium.

Impeller Lock washer

Used in two piece construction impellers.  Typically made from a corrosion resistant metal such as stainless steel, hastelloy or titanium.

Rear Housing Guard

Shield to prevent access to rotating equipment.  Typically supplied in galvanised mild steel or stainless steel.


The Range

Spares are only available for the “F” range of pumps.  These come in three basic configurations; a close-coupled with the impeller driven directly through a motor shaft adaptor, a simple pedestal type with the motor driving a shaft supported by a cast iron pedestal and a back pull out type where the pedestal shaft is coupled to the motor via a removable spacer and flexible coupling.

There are four sizes within this range F1.5, F2, F3 and F4, but no spares are available for the F4.  The F1.5 has an inlet size of 40mm and an outlet of 25mm, the F2 an inlet of 50mm and an outlet of 40mm and the F3 an inlet of 80mm and an outlet of 50mm.

For help with any aspect of Ardua Pumps please call us on +44 (0) 1706 756400.

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