FluoroFlow Basket Strainer

FluoroFlow Basket Strainer Reduces Maintenance Costs

Particulates in process fluids are always a headache. Doubly so when these fluids are corrosive and the addition of standard strainers can significantly increase maintenance & downtime.  CRP solved this headache for one client, where the introduction of the FluoroFlow PFA lined strainer, developed and manufactured by CRP significantly improved the longevity of the strainer and reduced down time and maintenance costs.  Read the full story below.

Market Leading Innovation
CRP has been a market leader in supplying innovative solutions for the conveyance of corrosive liquids in the process industry for over 30 years.  Our engineers have never been afraid to break new ground to assist customers in improving their processes.
One of the biggest problems faced by plant engineers and maintenance technicians are unwanted particles in media.  These create many issues.  Foreign particles can clog or damage expensive equipment such as valves, pumps, spray nozzles and condensers.  Also the presence of these contaminants can lead to the rejection of  whole product batch.  The challenges presented by this issue are exacerbated when dealing with corrosive media.  Traditionally strainers have been manufactured with wetted parts of carbon and stainless steel.  When dealing with corrosive media these materials are unsuitable so exotic alloys are used as an alternative.  This is both costly and can lead to compatibility issues if the process is changed.
To address this PTFE or PFA lined components have been utilised over the years with varying results.  One of the best of these is Flowserve’s Atomac ASF PFA lined Y type strainer, which CRP have continued to sell successfully throughout much of our history and with which many of our clients have achieved excellent results.  However this product has a limited open area, therefore making it unsuitable for applications with high solids content because of the need for frequent cleaning.

Increased Open Area
Traditionally the choice of lined filtration products in the market place with larger open areas has been limited to products manufactured with inferior quality lining techniques and materials which has provided products with reduced service life and costly plant downtime.  This is largely due to the fact that in many demanding corrosive duties the media can also permeate the lining material.

Improved Service Life
With all this in mind CRP are proud to announce the addition a FluoroFlow PFA lined basket strainer to our product range.  This was developed after an engineer at one of the world’s leading chemical companies approached us with a problem.  They had been using a bag filter with an isostatically moulded PTFE lined housing.  The customer had to change the whole filter assembly every two years due to liner damage caused by permeation, he recognised that the PFA moulded liners that CRP offer could give an increased service life due to higher permeation resistance.  Our engineering team designed a PFA moulded basket strainer assembly with a large open area, a corrosion resistant ETFE basket and most importantly a quick release cover to enable easy removal and cleaning of the basket.   To date the client has had two years of trouble free running with no signs of permeation damage to the lining of the assembly.  If you are interested in this or any other speciality lined product please contact us at
enquiry@crp.co.uk or visit our website www.crp.co.uk.


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