FLNG Vessel starts it 4000 mile Journey

The largest FLNG – (floating liquefied natural gas) vessel  has started it’s 4000 mile journey from the fabricators dockyard in South Korea to the gas fields in the Indian Ocean.  It will be finally moored in the Browse Basin in a depth of 250m off the North West coast of Australia. The FLNG is designed to withstand the worst of weather conditions and has a superstructure with a 600,000 tonne displacement. It will be permanently moored for 25 years using chains connected to the seabed. Once the vessel arrives at the mooring site it is expected that it will take 9-12 months to commission the vessel.

The FLNG combines the collection, processing and offloading of the liquefied natural gas in one single facility, there are no need for any transportation pipelines to the shore. The cutting edge technology  employed means that this all-encompassing vessel can produce 3.6 million tonnes of liquefied gas per year.  

CRP has supplied stainless steel piping systems lined with our high performance HiPerFlon paste extruded PTFE and PFA liners. Our HiPerFlon lined piping systems are a natural choice for conveying highly corrosive chemicals like the hydrochloric acid and sodium hypochlorite.  CRP also supplied Atomac PFA lined ball valves with the lined piping, the customer specifications for these are very comprehensive with helium leak testing and the need for live loaded body and stem sealing.

Safety is absolutely paramount on the FLNG vessel and the selection of the highest quality equipment is obviously a key consideration in providing the long high performance lifetime and durability required.


 The completed FLNG being towed to site.

For a video with more information please follow this link 



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