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Part of good plant safety is the inspection and maintenance of pipeline joints.  Naturally one of the primary concerns when considering this is containment.  Flanges are of particular concern as there is always a small risk of leakage.  Whether dealing with corrosive, toxic, hot or flammable media a leakage from a flange can have catastrophic consequences.  Even when conveying relatively inert substances a leak is not desirable in any type of production plant, especially if the media is of a high value.  Also bellows and other flexible connections can be vulnerable components on plant and should be managed and protected as stringently as flanged piping or valves.  In both circumstances leakage of corrosive or other harmful media needs to be controlled and managed responsibly to prevent costly and harmful accidents.

For over 30 years, CRP’s PTFE and PFA lined components have been used to convey many highly corrosive and sometimes volatile fluids.  Spray shields are designed to be an integral part of a piping system, protecting personnel and plant from potentially dangerous escapes of often harmful media at high pressures.  They can play a vital role in saving lives and minimising the costly disruption than can stem from even a small leak.

Spray shields also help to meet safety regulations set out by organisations such as the HSE, SOLAS, ABS and DNV and are often an insurance requirement.

Spray shields are not designed to contain the line-pressure of a leak what they do provide is the most effective solution for dissipating the force of a liquid spray out or vapour mist.  This allows the leak to be more effectively contained and managed reducing the chance of spraying directly on to a plant operator or escaping into the general environment.

As standard, CRP offer safety shields manufactured from PTFE coated glass-fibre complete with a Teflon® FEP viewing window.  As well offering superior corrosion resistance, this design offers additional peace of mind, as the window offers the earliest possible warning of any breach.  It also ensures that personnel have actual visual indication of a leak rather than having to rely on any secondary indication system such as acid detecting paper or paint.

As a result of the high quality Teflon® material used for these shields, as standard CRP’s safety shields are practically universally chemical resistant and good for operating temperatures up to 204oC.  These shields have been used in the most demanding of environments and have an extremely high resistance to both UV and humidity.  For example, several of these shields have been installed at a site in Florida where the environment is known to be both high in UV and humidity, for over 10 years without any signs of degradation.

CRP can offer shields for both flanged joints and expansion bellows up to 12” (DN300) on an ex-stock basis.  Shields with integral PTFE drain nipples are also included in our product range.  Safety shields are also available to fit a whole range of applications including valves, sight glasses, flexible hoses, pumps, instrumentation and most types of joints including various threaded connections and tri-clamps.  Size is no constraint with shields available for 48” (DN1200) flanges.  A range of different materials are available as options, including PVC for less demanding media and stainless steel for high pressure and temperature applications.   These options are available within a two week delivery.


By offering these high quality safety shields, CRP has again shown commitment to assisting our clients in the safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly running of the most demanding chemical and pharmaceutical processes in the world.

Teflon™ is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC used under license by Corrosion Resistant Products Ltd.


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