Kammer Control Valves from CRP

CRPLtd has been a market leader in the supply and manufacture of PTFE and PFAlined process equipment for over 30 years.  

For flow control in the case of corrosive duties manyengineers have historically opted to use lined v-ported ball valves.  However a lined globe valve can offer a more precise degree of control with the ability to achieve lower Cv values giving precise control of lower flow rates.

We are now pleased to add the Kammer range of PFA lined globe control valves to our UK product range.

The Kammer valve lining is produced in the same German factory as the market leading Atomac lined ball valve which we have been highly successful in distributing since the genesis of CRP.  The valve body is manufactured from ductile iron and is fully lined with low melt flow rate heavy wall PFA liner which is keyed into the body using the same innovative moulding technology as the Atomac ball valve.  This enables the valve to be used from full vacuum up to 16 bar g at temperatures ranging from -29 to+200°C.

The stem of the valve is sealed using a specially designed bellows which is manufactured from a modified PTFE which has been type tested to confirm that it is suitable for use at 16 bar g at 200°C.

The valves are available from ½” to 6” with an extensive range of trim options.  For example, we can offer a ½” valve which will accurately control flow as low as 0.01Kvs up to a 6” valve that can offer a maximum flow of 340Kvs.  Trims can also be selected to manage how the flow is controlled within the range by changing the characteristics of the valve.  Valves are supplied as standard with an equal percentage trim but there are also options for linear trims available.  CRP has access to Kammer’s sizing program so once all the standard flow control data is received we can determine the best valve and trim configuration for the process.

As a result of this sizing selection program all valves are manufactured to order, however Kammer keep extensive stocks of the component parts at their facility in Essen, Germany so we can still offer good lead times.

The PFA lined Kammer control valve is a great addition to the CRP product range in the UK and means that we can offer an even more comprehensive range of fluid control equipment for highly corrosive duties.

Since 2014, CRP has supplied successfully many PFA lined Kammer control valves into the UK market. It is now time to upgrade your control system with a precise and reliable control valve.  Please contact us at enquiry@crp.co.uk or call on 01706 756400 for further information.


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