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PTFE bellows are usually made without an external cover and thus are often viewed as a weak point in the plant. With this in mind, CRP has developed the FluoroFlow bellows range with the aim of addressing this issue.

A stringent testing and improvement regime was implemented during the development of these bellows, including testing by the internationally recognised quality and safety group TÜV.  TÜV has conducted both pressure increase testing and an innovative long term bench mark performance test at 150°C, over more than one year. CRP has also conducted burst pressure tests at ambient temperature to simulate pressure peaks.  This has resulted in high pressure bellows from CRP designed and manufactured to a safety factor of six times the operating pressure.

Case Study

One CRP client uses high permeable acid in the manufacture of an additive used as a thickening agent in the cosmetic and construction industries.

Historically they used both plain PTFE bellows and Hastelloy® bellows lined with PTFE from other suppliers for a duty that is 36% HCL at a 5 bar pressure peak at 140°C.  Neither PTFE or Hastelloy® bellows performed in an acceptable manner.  The plain PTFE bellows from a competitor failed and the armoured PTFE bellows required inspection and replacement after only a year of operation.  This was required by the HSE’s (Health & Safety Executive, the UK government’s legislative organisation) demand after the failure, resulted in significant cost and inconvenience for the customer.

Following evidence based advice from CRP the customer then chose to trial FluoroFlow bellows.

In June 2013 the client installed standard 6” and 12” CRP FluoroFlow bellows with Hastelloy® root rings as a trial.  The bellows were inspected during an engineering shutdown in June 2015 and after 2 years on this most demanding of duties they were found to be in perfect condition.

 A key consideration often overlooked by the manufacturers of PTFE bellows is the characteristics of the PTFE itself. Most important of these is the potential for the PTFE to creep when put under temperature and pressure. CRP has addressed this in two ways. First, through the long term creep test which simulates performance in service which burst tests can never do. Secondly, by developing a Finite Element Model which contains these PTFE properties and enables us to improve the product design.

Amongst other things, assessing these issues ensures that CRP’s high performance FluoroFlow PTFE bellows is yet another example of how focus on Safety & performance improves plant safety and reduces total cost of ownership in the real world.



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