Optimum results and safety with CRP

Every product in CRP’s extensive range of sampling valves and systems is designed, manufactured and operated with two critical factors in mind – performance and safety.

The motto we work by, etched on the equipment, is “the first sample is the right sample”. CRP has a wealth of experience creating systems for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, petrochemical and semiconductor industries and more. We understand the inherent risk and cost associated with taking samples of sometimes highly toxic substances and why it is imperative that the process should not be repeated due to contamination or inaccuracies.

CRP is a world leader in the production of safe and representative sampling systems, along with containment options to guard against damage, uncontrolled spillages and pollution.
In the video below, CRP team member Alan Greenwood demonstrates the features and functionality of the SD IL 400. While every model has its own distinct attributes, ideally suited to use in a variety of different situations, this exemplifies the core focus on safety common to every sampling valve we offer.


                       Watch the system in action here.


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