Worlds Largest Vessel Relies on CRP

CRP in Littleborough, UK has taken its place on board the world's largest-ever vessel, supplying crucial lined pipes and fittings for its pioneering operations.

The vessel at 488m long and 74m wide, fully laden at 600,000 tonnes has the displacement of 5 Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers. Constructed in South Korea between Samsung Heavy Industries and Technip of France, it is being built on behalf of Royal Dutch Shell, KOGAS and Inpex.

It's Big!

It is designed to extract, process and liquify natural gas on board, avoiding the need for a large subsea infrastructure for smaller remote gas fields.

CRP has provided stainless steel pipes and fittings lined with its exclusive HiPerFlon paste extruded PTFE & PFA. With outstanding internal and external chemical resistance the piping system is designed to handle the highly corrosive and permeable hydrochloric acid and sodium hypochlorite as part of the main safety system on board. The safety of this huge vessel relies on top quality and high performance products from CRP. Complementing the piping are the market leading Flowserve Atomac PFA lined ball valves with their unique floating ball design for low torque operation and excellent shut off.

These leading products from CRP and Flowserve, for whom CRP is a UK distributor, have been chosen for their high performance, durability and reliability when working with corrosive and hazardous chemicals over long time periods.

Prelude Under Construction

Due to come into service in 2017 off the northern coast of Australia it will be moored in 250m of water for a period of 25 years, producing 3.6m tonnes of liquid gas per annum. The total project cost is around $12.6bn USD.

Download the piping catalogue here

The following video offers more information and an advance look

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The vessel as it will be in service


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