24" NB PFA Lined Ball Valve

Flowserve Ahaus GmbH, the manufacturer of the Atomac PFA Lined Ball Valve and the market leader in the use of PFA moulding technology for valve products has just announced a major investment and technical leap in the use of moulding technology.  The current portfolio includes a 2 piece ball valve in sizes up to 14 inch (DN 350 mm), but the new investment enables the manufacture of a full port valve in up to 24 inch (DN 600mm).

Designs larger than 14 inch cannot be achieved in the same style as the AKH2 or AKH2A.  They will be a three piece design having two identical side pieces and a central body section.  This will allow special face to face dimensions to be manufactured.  The valves will have a two piece ball and stem design supported through a lower trunnion.  Therefore the seal will be accomplished through a pre-load of the seat rings on to the ball surface.  The housing will be manufactured in ASTM A216 WCB.  Key features of the existing Atomac range will be present on this product with liner retention using T-slots – tough to machine, but providing the best liner mechanical support.  Positive stem-sealing will be achieved with adjustable PTFE chevron packing or a live-loaded version.  The body and sidepiece closure will be accomplished with a dynamic and static seal and metal to metal back up.

So the product provides an alternative to high alloy ball valves which are currently the only choice for full port requirements in corrosive duties.  It facilitates the substitution of butterfly valves with a full port product offering full flow and no pressure loss and avoids the erosion of components at full flow.

Even if you don’t require a valve at these sort of sizes it should provide you with the assurance that Flowserve Ahaus are the the leading edge of PFA moulding technology in valve design and that you have chosen the right partner for your lined valve requirements.

CRP has been the UK distributor of the Atomac Ball Valve range for almost 30 years and supports the product with a comprehensive stock holding and unrivalled technical assistance.  Call us if you need help.


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