Variable Immersion Dip Pipe

Working closely with engineers from Piramal Healthcare in Morpeth, CRP have developed a dip pipe whose immersion length can be readily adjusted.   This has a range of process applications including allowing liquor at a particular vessel height to be removed or the addition of material at a specific level in the vessel.  Such dip pipes are also ideal for removal during aggressive agitation, where the nozzle sizes prevent the use of reinforced dip pipes, or known high temperature excursions during the manufacturing process.  They can also be used in phase separation duties where the phase change point requires adjustment.  The product is successfully operating at the Piramal Healthcare pharmaceutical manufacturing plant  in Morpeth, Northumberland.  We can produce the product in virgin or static-dissipating PTFE’s in nominal bore sizes from 1 inch to 3 inch. 

A high integrity PTFE gland stuffing box is rated to 10 bar g ensuring high containment within the vessel.

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