Road Tanker Sampler

We were asked to help a customer who had a requirement to take a sample from a road tanker before it was unloaded to ensure the correct chemical composition of the delivery. This was done in their lab whilst the tanker waited. If the sample was not within specification then the tanker would not be unloaded. An inline sampler would not be suitable as the sample needed to be taken before any hose connection was made. We developed and manufactured a hand carried sampler unit with a 4" BS10 Table E flange connection, the sampler in use is bolted to the outlet flange of the vessel isolation valve on the tanker. The tanker isolation valve is briefly opened and then re-closed to introduce tanker liquor to the sampler. The sample can then be dispensed into the sample bottle using the spring return toggle valve.  A secondary air inlet valve allows the sample to be free flowing. 

The chemical to be sampled was acetone so the sampler was manufactured from 316L stainless steels and PTFE. An acrylic shield was used to protect the operator from any splashes and also acted as a stand for the sampler whilst not in use.



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