Sliding Spectacle Blind Valve


CRP have recently supplied a sliding spectacle blind valve to an international paints manufacturer. The valve overcomes the problems they were having with their existing butterfly valve accumulating resin between campaigns making operation of the valve extremely difficult.
Whilst the process was not corrosive PTFE was still the best lining option because of it's excellent non stick properties. On being presented with the customers problem our engineering team set to work and designed a PTFE faced sliding spectacle blind arrangement. The assembly was supplied complete with 3 off jacking  screws to allow the joint to be easily broken and the blind revolved. To compensate for the jacking movement a PTFE bellows was incorporated into the design. An inner PTFE sleeve allows the resin flow unhindered through the valve assembly.

Now when the resin hardens onto the spectacle blind, there is minimal surface contact. The jacking screws are used to break the crust and the non stick properties of PTFE ensure that the resin is easily removed from the blind surfaces.

Sliding spec blind valve


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