New Earthing System

CRP in conjunction with a major pharmaceutical manufacturer has developed a new system of maintaining earth continuity on piping systems.

Several methods are employed to maintain the continuity on piping. Commonly stud bolts fitted with star washers are used to ensure good continuity across a flange joint. The star washer serves to bite into the metal of the flange and nut and provide good continuity.

Where the draw back of this system lies is that when using rotating flanges, paint and lacquer can be a good insulator between the flange and the retaining stub end. So there is often no continuity between the flange and the pipe run.

CRP has designed and manufactured a special product to overcome this problem and provide continuity between the flange and the stub end. The resultant product the “Spikey” can be easily fitted to the pipe spool to provide this continuity. The Spikey has sharp teeth that bite through paint / rust / lacquer on piping and maintain continuity between the pipe and accompanying flanges.

The Spikeys are robust and cost effective and can be retrofitted to existing piping on site or supplied factory fitted with new pipe spools. They can be used successfully on both PTFE lined and unlined piping and fittings.
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