Case Study - Sulphuric Acid Control Valves

The Product/Service
Actuated Atomac PFA Lined Ball Valves – AKH3 conveying sulphuric acid
The Customer
The customer is a European manufacturer of light petroleum products including diesel oil, gasolines and aviation fuels.  The UK refinery is an integrated atmospheric-vacuum distillation, fluid catalytic cracking refinery.
The Problem
The customer has been having problems with actuated glass lined diaphragm valves.  After about one year’s service the glass lining is cracking and causing the valves to leak.  The duty is 97% sulphuric acid at ambient temperatures and low pressures – very benign for fluoropolymer lined equipment.
The Solution
Trial PFA lined ball valves have been installed as actuated packages.  Maybe it’s too early to call this a success story, but we have every confidence that the valves will provide many years of service.

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