Case Study - 8" PFA Lined Elbows



The Product/Service
8 Inch (DN200) PFA Lined Elbows
Manufacturer of Petrochemicals
The Problem
The customer was using a competitors large diameter PTFE lined elbows in their process plant. These were manufactured by fitting a curved piece of PTFE tube into the steelwork of the elbow. Unfortunately the PTFE lining did not closely correspond to the internal geometry of the metal housing. In particular there was a large gap on the apex of the elbow where the PTFE lining did not touch. The product was put into service, but positive pressure in the line caused the lining to fail as it split in stretching to fill the unsupported gap. This led to a partial site shutdown and closure of a local road and school.
The Solution
CRP designed and procured an investment cast steel casting together with PFA moulding tools to enable the manufacture of an 8 inch 90 degree elbow. The accuracy of PFA moulding provides confidence in terms of the closeness of fit of the lining and the product is qualified to withstand 200 degrees C at 19 bar. The product has now been incorporated into CRP’s standard ASME 150 range and is readily available.

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