HiPerFlon® Lined PTFE Columns

CRP has been supplying PTFE lined products to the chemical, pharmaceutical and associated process industries since 1983.

This month we are pleased to announce the launch of the new CRP e-brochure which is available to download from our website and this newsletter

CRP specialises in the manufacture of HiPerFlon® PTFE/PFA lined piping and ancillaries. We use high performance polymers developed by the leading fluoropolymer suppliers to provide the longest service life for lined products.


The new brochure features our range of the paste extruded PTFE & PFA lined distillation and absorption columns.

Lined columns are typically manufactured from thin PTFE sheets which are welded together. This leads to high permeation rates and a high risk of cracking on these welded seams. Others also bolt the nozzles to the column body which creates additionally flanges and potential leak paths. CRP offers a better solution, offering PFA moulded seamless nozzle sections and seamless paste extruded PTFE lined for the packing sections; both with a heavy wall to reduce permeation.

CRP's columns can also be supplied with additional internals including packaging support plates, support grids and liquid distributors. These are all manufactured from PTFE or with thick PFA linings to ensure consistent corrosion resistant performance.

We also offer a comprehensive range of fully lined PTFE gas injectors, dip pipes and spargers enabling a column to be customised to suit your processes.

CRP is a world leader in PFA and paste extruded PTFE lining and can now offer complete corrosion resistant solutions, including lined columns, lined piping & valves, PTFE bellows and safety shields. Our dedicated team takes pride in offering high integrity products supported by professional customer service.

To find out more visit the CRP website

You can download the new e-brochure here


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