New Blue Epoxy Paint Finish

During October we are changing over our paint finish applied to our lined piping systems and FluoroFlow range of products to a superior primer / finish coat. The paint is hard wearing, corrosion resistant and makes an excellent primer coat for over coating on site if required. The most readily observed change is the colour - The new paint system has a smart blue finish.

As always we are still able to supply full multicoat paint systems as required and offer our range of FluoroFlow+ PTFE lined stainless steel pipe and fittings giving our optimum corrosion resistant external finish performance.

New Paint Finish

A two component low VOC, high solids fast curing epoxy primer/finish containing zinc phosphate anti-corrosive pigmentation. Colour RAL 5015 Blue Semi-Gloss. Typical thickness 125 microns.

You can download our introductory paint datasheet in pdf format here

To download the paint manufacurers datasheet please click here


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